Hi I'm Patrick...

I’m a NYC-based singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist.

One of my earliest memories recalls a 4-year-old me, jumping around on my parent's couch, mimicking George Harrison's guitar riff on "Paperback Writer." You'd think I would have gravitated towards one of the bigger hit songs before "Paperback Writer" but I just loved the sound of that guitar! You could say something clicked for me early on in life. The destination may be undetermined but "the way" has always been clear.

Fast-forward... past several musical endeavors—from high school and college bands to church bands to studio gigs—I finally started singing and writing songs for myself.

Recently, I’ve taken a full "360-degree approach" to my music; mixing and producing, and really stretching myself as a writer. I'm so excited about the new tunes I have in store for everyone.


The Latest...

I have a new video out for my single "The Waters" - the video dropped this past February! Produced by Greystone Music Group and in collaboration with director Solo Koo, we were able to bring to life a video concept that I couldn’t be more proud of.

“Everything about this short film is impeccably rendered and carefully choreographed to tell a moving story” (music-news.com).

"The Waters" is the first of many songs I plan to share this year! I can't wait for my friends & supporters to hear all the music that they've seen me working on.

Whether it was music that brought you here, or something I shared on social media, I'm glad you stopped by! Say Hi! -drop me a message on Instagram and let me know you came from my website!

Much Love,